Legacy takes the hassle out of finding seasonal works for farms and nurseries. They thrive on helping their clients succeed and can meet any need they might have. We offer housing, transportation, electronic timekeeping and payroll, complete compliance to H2-A rules and regulations.


  • Many farmers have housing but if you don't, we will house and transport workers to your farm.
  • Housing is safe and reliable for workers near your farm.


  • All workers will be provided with vans for transportation to the store and other needs they may have.
  • Drivers, insurance and all compliance are handled by Legacy so the client has less obligations.

Payroll/Electronic Timekeeping

  • Tablets are provided for workers to be able to keep time effectively.
  • All payroll and compliance to H2-A payroll laws are done by our office.


  • H2-A laws are extensive and ever changing. Legacy is constantly meeting all the requirements needed for workers to be at your farm.
  • Petitions need to be signed 75 days prior to work and approved each year which is a detailed process. Legacy is quick to fulfill all requirements efficiently.