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We provide you with the proper contracts & forms based on this information provided.

Addresses for all work site locations.


A list of all job duties—if it is not listed, a worker cannot do the job.


Number of workers needed.


Start dates—these must be a Monday.

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Contracts, Deposit & Hours

Learn more about our contracts, hour tracking, and payroll.

length of contract

Minimum - 8 months | MAXImum - 10 months


Minimum # of hours per week =

35 average for length of contract weeks

$600 deposit

Required for each worker on contract, billed 60 days prior to start of contract and due 30 days prior to start of contract—held on-account and deducted from last invoice on contract.


Labor Contract & Labor Order

Must be signed / executed with us 120 days prior to start of contract – first year sometimes requires a little more time based on housing and getting labor camp certified.



All employees hours are tracked in a digital time-keeping system provided by us. Payroll is Sunday – Saturday and paid on Fridays.  Invoices are sent out on Mondays and due Thursdays (Net 04). Each invoice includes a detailed report of hours worked each day for each employee. An Auto-Debit is typically set up to take care of invoice payments.