A Licensed Farm Labor Contractor (F.L.C.) in the Mid-West Region of the United States.
Our Story

What We Do

We are a family-owned business committed to helping farmers and nurseries reach their maximum potential by taking labor out of the equation. We work with every unique harvest and crop to provide consistent labor you can count on so you can focus on your other needs! From payroll to housing we can make your season remarkably easier by coming along side of you with exceptional labor. We work with the H-2A temporary program to bring in quality labor to your farm. We want to partner with you with a friendly, professional, dependable, and trustworthy labor experience.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Working with David Judah and Legacy Labor, Inc. has been a great exerience.  While meeting with David before the season, I felt like David was open and honest about what to expect.  Every detail was written down, no surprises.  When the crew arrived I knew right away that it was the right fit.  All the workers have been respectful, hard working, and eager to learn new skills.

My biggest stress, as it is for most people growing vegetables, has been finding enough help.  Working with Legacy Labor, Inc. has taken that stress off my shoulders.  This has given me more time to focus on growing and marketing my crop.

I would definitely recommend using David Judah and his Legacy Labor, Inc. staff on your own farms."

~ Steve Hoekstra | Hoekstra's Sweet Corn, LLC